2018-07-11 / For The Record



Deputies weren't completely convinced that an alleged victim of a home invasion was telling the whole story.

A little before 7 a.m. on July 2, sheriff's deputies were called to a camper on Highway 80 because of a possible burglary. The owner told them that he had been in bed when he heard someone coming into the residence through a window, and he ran out the front door to get help. Later, he told the officers that when the intruders entered his camper he climbed out the rear window and took off running. He said the residence had been ransacked but only his wallet appeared to be missing. Later he said the intruders came in through a small hole in the bottom of the camper.

Deputies believed the owner to be under the influence, and treated the alleged break-in as a "suspicious incident."


A Joyner Road resident reported that someone opened her gate and let her eight dogs run loose in the neighborhood. She also told deputies that someone had driven staples into the floor of her front porch.

She said she had been having trouble with a neighbor and believed he was the culprit. Deputies searched the area but found nothing else suspicious.


An intoxicated Hephzibah man almost made it home unscathed - almost but not quite.

A little before 3 p.m. on July 2, several deputies responded to a call about a suspected injured person on Keys Lane in Hephzibah.

They found the driver of a pickup truck lying in the yard. They had trouble communicating with him, but were able to determine he had put his truck in reverse, backed into some bushes and got stuck. He said he fainted when he exited the vehicle and fell on the ground. EMA personnel called to the scene determined the man was uninjured and he was allowed to stay in his home.


A woman living on Hephzibah-Keysville Road told deputies her son was seeing imaginary snakes and otherwise acting delusional and agitated.

The son said his mother had blown an argument completely out of proportion, but admitted to having several health issues, including using methamphetamine in the past. Deputies were convinced he was not a threat to himself or others.

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