2018-06-20 / News

State patrol seeking recruits

By Diana Royal

The Georgia Department of Public Safety is continuing its recruitment efforts to fill hundreds of trooper positions statewide.

According to Master Trooper Andy Sinquefield, the DPS is losing potential state troopers just as fast as they’re being recruited. One reason, he says, is due to the strict standards set forth for someone to join this elite group of law enforcers. “Today’s generation does not have the same work ethic as those in the past,” he says, adding that trooper school is nothing short of an eight-month long military boot camp. “You’re not going to have the job just handed to you. Trooper school reorganizes everything you think you know, right down to the correct way to breathe.”

Many of the job applicants never make it past the online process, which is something Sinquefield credits to prior circumstances that disqualify them from employment or simply not having the drive to follow through to the next step where they must complete physical training.

“More times than not, they mess up somewhere in their youth,” he says, “and that’s why recruiting in high schools and colleges is so important. We educate them so they know what to expect – so they know what not to do.”

As rigorous as the process is (the application portion may take six to eight months and trooper training is a 32-week commitment), Sinquefield says it’s worth it in the end. “After the training is done, once graduation is complete, you start to see the positive,” he says. “We can communicate nonverbally. We know how another trooper is going to react to a situation because we trained them.”

Sinquefield also says that pay grades have increased across the board and that due to the increasing number of vacancies across the state, the department will take into consideration the home location of selected applicants when determining post placement.

Applications for the 106th Trooper School are currently being accepted. “The ideal candidates are not perfect,” Sinquefield adds. “They’re just honest people. That’s what we are looking for.”

For further information, visit www.gatrooper.com.

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