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Martha Chalker

Martha Chalker is a Life and Business Coach with more than 20 years of experience. She can be reached at 706-564-4458. Martha Chalker is a Life and Business Coach with more than 20 years of experience. She can be reached at 706-564-4458. Yes, your choices have consequences and those consequences affect other people. For those with children, your morning routine can either create a powerful beginning for everyone’s day or begin with tears, stress and chaos. Take a look at how your day begins and if needed, do the work to make corrections. First, as a parent, you are in charge. If you need to get up thirty minutes earlier to get a head start, just do it. Children are happier when they have a routine and know what's expected of them. A healthy breakfast is a must for quality performance at school. Sugary choices will result in problems, either bouncing off the walls or falling asleep in class.

Do you ever find yourself checking your phone or texts while driving? We all know how dangerous that can be! In addition to putting yourself, your passengers and others on the road in danger, you are setting a bad example for your kids. Like it or not, children mirror your actions now and later. Consider the consequences of their behaviors now and down the road. It’s important for us all to stay mindful of the examples we set.

And, speaking of checking your phone and texts while driving, do you find yourself trying to do more, be more and accomplish more day after day? Does busyness equal success? Are you running on adrenaline? Often the consequences of this kind of lifestyle contribute to increased stress, illness and less than ideal personal and family lives. Constant activity alienates you from yourself. You stay too busy to “be” with yourself, to set priorities and to clarify values. If something is missing in your life, you won’t find it by increasing activity and staying busy. However, many of us become addicted to this state of busyness. Unfortunately, using the adrenaline rush often becomes a habit which creates an unhealthy, damaging lifestyle. Consider the positive consequences of creating a space to slow down, to meditate and to listen to your heart. Stop the busyness! Take a thirty minute walk without your phone. Actually see and appreciate nature again. Actually see and appreciate the people you are with. Take a break and a deep breath. Which behaviors and consequences will you choose for you and the people in your life today?

Are you living the adrenaline lifestyle? Answer yes or no to the following questions from the Adrenaline Self Test from Coach University.

I drink caffeinated coffee or drinks to get or keep going.

I eat sugar to calm myself down.

I tend to overpromise and then rush to get it done at the last minute.

I tend to take on more than I really want because I feel I can.

I react strongly to the unexpected.

I find myself very upset or irritated (whether I show it or not) when people let me down, miss deadlines or do less than optimal work. Sometimes I take it personally.

I arrive at work rushed or already “on”.

I feel an inner rush or lack of stillness or peace much of the time.

I am not clearly winning at work, yet working very hard.

I drive more than 5 miles over the speed limit, tailgate or criticize other drivers.

I tend to run or arrive late, even if it’s not my fault.

Money is currently tight and I have been working on getting ahead but haven’t.

I take my phone into restaurants and movies just in case I need it. I could never leave my phone in the car.

If you answered yes to five or more of these, welcome to the club. If you want to make changes, start small. What’s the one action step you will take today? Go for it.

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