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STAR STUDENTS to be honored monday


BCHS STAR student Dawson Fields and teacher Allie Crockett BCHS STAR student Dawson Fields and teacher Allie Crockett Three local high schoolers will be honored next week for being shining students. Seniors Dawson Fields (Burke County High School), Mark Black II (Edmund Burke Academy) and Christopher Ramey (Faith Christian Academy) have been selected as STAR students for the 2017-2018 school year. Recipients for this distinction not only have the highest SAT score at their perspective schools but are also performing in the top 10 percent of their class.

Along with their parents and their STAR teachers, these students will be recognized during the annual awards ceremony, hosted by the Waynesboro Exchange Club, on Monday, Feb. 12. During this time, the district STAR student will be announced. Read on to learn more about the STAR students and the teachers who have taught, encouraged and influenced them through their high school careers.


EBA STAR student Mark Black and teacher Karen Reeves EBA STAR student Mark Black and teacher Karen Reeves STAR STUDENT Dawson Fields Hometown: Millen

Parents: Pat and Rhonda Clark

College plans: University of Georgia – double major in animal science and biological science

Where I see myself in five years: Entering first year of veterinary school at UGA

In ten years: Practicing veterinary medicine – both large and small animals

My STAR teacher’s best attribute: Determination!

Why her teaching style and my learning style click: We think along the same lines. We are both goal-oriented.

What my STAR teacher has taught me about life: Reach for excellence, but enjoy the ride!

FCA STAR student Christopher Ramey and teacher Jenny Beauman FCA STAR student Christopher Ramey and teacher Jenny Beauman What experiences have influenced my life: FFA (Future Farmers of America) and being an alumnus of the Governor’s Honors Program

Favorite quote: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

Hobbies: Reading and fishing

Favorite historical figure: George Washington


Allie Crockett

Hometown: Waynesboro

Previous STAR teacher selection: This is her first.

Favorite subject and why: My favorite subject is agriculture because of the many areas it encompasses and because of its importance to our survival. I am fortunate to be able to teach about agriculture, promote the industry and prepare our students to take on leading roles that will ensure the survival of current and future generations.

Favorite historical figure: Theodore Roosevelt

Interests: Gardening, hunting, spending time with family

STAR student’s best attribute: He is a hard worker and perfectionist. The skill/job will always be done and be done correctly.

Why do your teaching and learning styles click? I am very passionate about my subject area, and Dawson is always eager to not only learn the new knowledge but eager to put it into practice and apply it to his life.

What has your STAR student taught you? He has taught me perseverance and patience. Things may not always go your way or have the best situation, but he has shown me that being patient and persevering are keys to success.



Mark A. Black II

Hometown: Waynesboro

Parents: Mark and Beverly Black

College plans: My plans for college include attaining a fouryear degree and majoring in mechanical engineering so that I may pursue a career in architecture.

Where I see myself in five years: Hopefully in five years I will have graduated from college and have gotten a permanent position in a major engineering firm.

In ten years: Fast forward to ten years and I hope to see myself well on my way to becoming an executive of that same firm. I want to see a future where I don't have to be afraid of what mysteries lie ahead.

My STAR teacher’s best attribute: My STAR teacher's most significant attribute is her willingness to challenge each and every student to achieve greatness. She pushed us to be the best we could possibly be, and she never let us give up.

What my STAR teacher has taught me about life: Mrs. Reeves was a great teacher to me not just because of how she approached her students but because she saw our time with her as a precious resource. She would never allow even a single second of the few short years we had with her to be wasted. All she ever really wanted was for us to be ready for the real world. The most important thing Mrs. Reeves taught me, though, was that life isn't fair. Life is not impartial or just. You have to really work for it if you ever actually want to achieve anything.

Personal experience that has most influenced my life: I think the biggest factor that led to my ambition to go into engineering was my father. My dad was in the irrigation industry, but his job required him to make sketches of his fields. Like a floor plan you could say. So I guess all the drawings and math rubbed off on me and that's been my goal ever since.

Favorite quote: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” - Benjamin Franklin

I first saw this quote decorating the wall of Mrs. Reeves’ classroom. I considered this a little morbid in the beginning, but as I came to know Mrs. Reeves, I started to understand what exactly she meant by having it there. Death and taxes are absolute but everything else, the good or the bad, is completely up to us.

In my spare time: You can usually find me with my headphones in, but whenever inspiration hits me I can just spend hours drawing. I’m more of a visual drawer, but I always find it enjoyable to recreate an image in my own style.


Karen H. Reeves

Hometown: Atlanta

Previous STAR teacher selections: Mark is my 12th STAR student.

Favorite subject and why: In reality, I am interested in (and read about) almost everything, but history is the subject to which I always return. As the story of man, it encompasses all other studies and chronicles what I believe to be our unchanging struggle against our own frailties. What is most compelling to me, however, is that the longer I study it, the clearer the sanctity of life and the divine purpose for each individual for even one moment in time becomes.

Favorite historical figure: I appreciate all those men and women in history, famous and unknown, who have struggled but risen to the occasion when called. Winston Churchill comes to mind as an example, not because he was perfect, but because he did not allow his imperfections to keep him from serving mankind at just the right time in history.

Interests: Reading, studying...and food conversation.

STAR student’s best attribute: Mark never gives up. He just never quits, and you sense in Mark a desire to achieve not for the glory or the grade, but for the mastery of the task. He is also brutally honest, with himself and everyone else. I think these two attributes will lead Mark to quietly make important contributions to society.

Why do your teaching and learning styles click? Both of us are analytical and prefer order over chaos. If I set a deadline or a guideline, Mark will be the one student who will not only remember, but who will hold me to my word. I’m most impressed that Mark, unlike many of his generation, learns everything he can instead of only “what he likes.” And I think I am safe in saying that neither of us appreciates drama.

What has your STAR student taught you? Mark’s approach to life reminds me to consider divergent views and to see things as if for the first time. He has a refreshing way of approaching new experiences guilelessly, with appreciation and without selfabsorption, and, in a world filled with sound-bytes and “instant” experts, Mark is a perfect example of someone who gathers his thoughts before he expresses an opinion. That alone makes him extraordinary.



Christopher Ramey

Hometown: Midville

Parents: Trina Ramey and Stephen Ramey

College plans: I plan on finishing a two-year degree at Augusta Tech.

Where I see myself in five years: I would like to be making payments on my first house and starting a good life for myself.

In ten years: I would like to be married (if the right lady comes along) and have a clear life goal.

My STAR teacher’s best attribute: Mrs. Beauman cares for all of her students and tries her best to help them succeed.

Why her teaching and my learning styles click: She always has a better/faster way of doing a math problem. She explains everything well and does not simply go along with how the book wants you to solve it.

What my STAR teacher has taught me about life: Mrs. Beauman has taught me not to sweat the small stuff and to look at the big picture.

Personal experience that has most influenced my life: My job at Oakland Structure has taught me a lot about hard work and what it takes to succeed.

Favorite quote: I don’t really have a favorite quote, but I really like the fact Steve Jobs brings up in his quote, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

In my spare time: I like to go hunting. My favorite thing is to hunt for deer. I also like building things with wood.

Favorite historical figure: Jesus – He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us all.


Jenny Beauman

Hometown: Sardis

Previous STAR teacher selections: This is her first.

Favorite subject and why: Mathematics is my favorite subject because it encourages a person to develop and cultivate logical thinking skills.

Favorite historical figure: Abraham Lincoln

Interests: sewing, crocheting

STAR student’s best attribute: Christopher’s most impressive attribute is that he is a well-rounded individual. Not only can he conquer any academic challenge, but he has the physical skills to help manage a farm and is an accomplished carpenter.

Why do your teaching and learning styles click?

I think our styles click because Christopher is a very logical and methodical thinker.

What has your STAR student taught you?

Christopher has taught me the importance of a balance between academics and everyday skills.

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