2017-11-29 / Editorial



Recently I attended the Recreation Department’s Bird Dog Bowl at the Waynesboro/Burke County High School football field. Where my two grandsons and many other children their ages participated in the season ending – games to end all games.

Everywhere I looked, I saw smiling faces and families that have sacrificed time and effort and, dare I say, good money to give their children/grandchildren the opportunity to participate in a team sport that should, ultimately give these young men a head start on a life of good sportsmanship and camaraderie.

I was not disappointed. But …

I was absolutely HORRIFIED at the lack of respect for a multimillion dollar, tax-payer paid for facility that I saw that day. A facility that was and should still be a shining example … the “Pride of Burke County” home of the Burke County Bears (12- 0) that just won round two of the state tournaments – is absolutely STINKING FILTHY. Trash, strewn everywhere, napkins, bottles, candy wrappers and discarded, half eaten food - lay within INCHES of overflowing trash cans. I couldn’t walk three feet without stepping over something. Does nobody ever clean? Do the residents and visitors have ANY respect AT ALL for themselves or their wonderful facility? Where are their manners? The administration and staff, the Board members … are just as bad for letting it get like that and doing nothing about it. A new multi-million gym? Take some of that money and clean up what you have.

I wanted to lock the gates and say “Nobody’s leaving until this place is spotless.” I didn’t … But somebody dang sure should.

There is no way on earth the stadium and stands got that way in just one bright, sunny, beautiful afternoon of mightymight football. And if this is any indication of the future of Burke County … We are in big trouble.

Readers: You won’t read this until after round three of the state playoffs … I sure hope our esteemed visitors were not subjected to the filth I saw.

Charmain Murray

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