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Bears ravage the Razorbacks

By David Stembridge

Senior running back Jayln Odom scored two touchdowns for the Bears against Cross Creek. Senior running back Jayln Odom scored two touchdowns for the Bears against Cross Creek. The 3-AAAA Burke County Bears (6-0) defeated 3-AAAA Cross Creek (3-3) by 68-6 in Augusta on Friday night in their first region match.

The Burke County Bears started with confidence as they scored on their first drive in the first two minutes of the game. Senior running back Jayln Odom started the game with a 32-yard return run and senior quarterback Bill Knight completed a 16-yard pass to wide receiver Dallas Rogers. This gave the Bears another 36 yards and got Odom close enough to run into the end zone. Senior kicker Jeremy Tinley’s kick was good for a score of 7-0.

Cross Creek received the ball but wasn’t able to catch a first and punted the ball back to Burke. The Bears began pushing forward again, picking up two more first downs, and senior quarterback Damari Kelly had a 23-yard spring into Cross Creek’s goal-line, scoring another touchdown for the Bears. Tinley’s PAT attempt was good bringing the Bears up to 14-0.

Junior quarterback Chad Crumbley had a 73-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Junior quarterback Chad Crumbley had a 73-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. The Razorbacks again were unable to move forward and punted the ball to the Bear’s 25-yard line. Kelly completed a 23-yard pass to Odom, who scored another touchdown. After another good kick by Tinley, the score was 21-0.

Cross Creek was held back again, and the Bears cashed in with sophomore running back Leon McGee carrying the ball 10 yards into the end zone. Tinley’s kick was good for a score of 28-0.

The second quarter looked a lot like the first with the Bears scoring on every drive. Cross Creek received the ball at the start of the second but only made it to their 10-yard line and had to punt. The Bears jumped right in and sophomore quarterback Juan’ya Dove threw the ball a total of 46 yards, and senior running back Cameron Holmes carried the ball the fi- nal 10 yards into Cross Creek’s end zone, scoring a touchdown. Tinley didn’t make the kick this time, but the Bears were still ahead 34-0.

The Razorbacks were able to pick up a first down on their next drive but still ended up punting back. The Bears’ came back quickly giving Kelly another 14-yard dash for a score. Freshman kicker Jacob Hickman attempted a PAT for the Bears and it was good for a score of 41-0.

As the quarter wound down, Cross Creek tried to gain yards, but Odom intercepted a ball, giving the Bears possession. On the return, junior quarterback Chad Crumbley slipped through and ran 73 yards for another Burke County touchdown. Hickman’s kick was good for a score of 48-0 with four minutes left on the clock.

Cross Creek started their drive, this time they were able to throw a pass, pick up 58 yards and get close enough to the Bears’ goal line to score a touchdown. The kick was blocked for a score of 48-6.

With two minutes left in the first half, the Bears kept playing. Knight completed two passes for a total of 23 yards and then made a sprint for 32 yards into Cross Creek’s end zone. Tinley’s kick was good, and the Bears end the first half with a score of 56-6.

The Razorbacks started the third quarter by picking up 45 yards but couldn’t get another first down and turned over the ball to Burke. Burke County head football coach Eric Parker started playing the younger team members during the last half under a running clock. Sophomore running back Renzia Cobb rushed 25 yards for the Bears and was able to make it into the end zone for a touchdown. Tinley’s PAT attempt was good, bringing the score to 62-6.

As the fourth quarter began, the Razorbacks were held back again and turned the ball back to the Bears who quickly rushed 22 yards. Sophomore quarterback Michael Johnson ran 24 yards into the end zone, scoring the Bears’ final touchdown. Johnson’s two-point conversion run was no good. The final seven minutes went quickly as the Bears continued holding back Cross Creek. The final score was 68-6.


Burke County had a total of 510 yards compared to Cross Creek’s 130, rushing for 323. They had 187 passing yards over Effingham’s 81. The Bears had 3 penalties for 30 yards, and the Panthers had 5 for 45 yards. The Bears had one turnover.


Bill Knight completed 7 of 9 passes for 73 yards while Juan’ya Dove completed 3 of 3 passes for 56 yards. Damari Kelly completed 2 of 2 passes for 58 yards.


Chad Crumbley had 3 carries for 92 yards and Bill Knight had 2 for 40 yards. Marcelo Snelling had 2 for 38 yards and Renzia Cobb got 6 for 35 yards. Juan’ya Dove got 4 for 30 yards and Leon Mcgee had 3 for 29 yards.


Cameron Holmes caught 2 passes for 49 yards and Jayln Odom caught 2 for 41 yards. Dallas Rogers had 3 for 37 yards and Christopher Strickland got 1 for 28 yards.


Keith Walker had 5 solo tackles; Keldrion Cobb, 3 solo and 1 assist; Cordell Cobb, 3 solo and 1 assist; and Eric Laforce, 2 solo and 1 assist.


The Bears face Richmond Academy this Friday night, Oct. 13, in Augusta, beginning at 7:30. They have played ARC 16 times since 1987, having beaten the Musketeers 11 times. ARC is being coached by Lyle Burns this season.

The Bears are going into their second region game 6-0 for the season. The Musketeers are 3-3 this season and just suffered three back-to-back losses against Greenbrier 27-6 on Sep. 15, to the Grovetown Warriors 29-0 on Sept. 22, and to Baldwin high 24-20 last Friday night.


Comments from Head Coach Eric Parker

The kids came out and played with a lot of intensity early in the game.

“The score got away from them; everyone executed and I felt good about that. I thought we played well. We played a lot of guys. It’s always good when you get to play a lot of guys.”

"We threw the ball 187 yards this week. They’ve been working on throwing.

“We worked a lot during the last couple of weeks during open week and then this week. We wanted to come out and throw a little bit, and I thought our guys did a pretty good job.

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