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In late July or early August, while watching and/or reading the news, it came to my attention the amount of police officers all over the country and the state of Georgia being shot and/or killed. It concerned me very much. I called Chief Larry Lewis to inquire if our deputies had adequate bulletproof vests. Chief Lewis stated that what vests they had were old and worn out.

Our deputies deserve the best protection possible. I decided to take it on myself to try to help. First, I attended the Burke County Board of Commissioners meeting and asked each commissioner to donate one month commissioning salary toward the purchase of some vests. The best vests cost $1,100 each. I informed them I was going to buy one myself. Chair Wayne Crockett immediately said he would match my donation. Along with me and my wife, Joanne, 13 individuals and businesses donated $12,000 toward the purchase of the bulletproof vests. I would like to thank each and every one of them: William Mizell Ford, Taylor Brothers Auto Sales, First National Bank, James Eastmead, Taylor Brothers X-press, Robert H. McKinney, A&W Oil Co., Blanchard Equipment, J&B Tractor Co., Mobley’s Package, Wayne Crockett and Queensborough National Bank and Trust Co.

Jimmy Dixon



Vietnam Veteran’s Day is March 29. March 29, 1973, was the last day that U.S. troops were on the ground in Vietnam. (The War in Vietnam actually started in 1954 and ended in 1975.) Stop and say thank you to a veteran.

Burke County lost six brave young men during the Vietnam era. They were SP4 John Arthur Bennett, PFC John Willie Devine, 2LT Jackson Elliott Cox, SP4 Robert Lee Jones, SGT Theus Everette DeLaigle and LCPL Clyde Edward Saxon.

This war was dubbed as the most senseless war ever.

Dot Cauley, Co-Director

Col. John James Jones #939 Children of the Confederacy


I am a 1967 graduate of Blakeney High School. I would like to make a suggestion to the Burke County Board of Education to have a high school football team hall of fame.

Each year a committee would select players from the past schools to be inducted into the high school hall of fame. The Blakeney Lions and Hurricanes football teams, as an example, would be eligible to participate. I feel that this would bring the past and present together, as well as bring the whole community together, let the citizens of Burke County know what a rich history of athletics that Burke County has and also put Waynesboro, Georgia on the map as it relates to high school football. The idea would be to do this during the homecoming weekend.

Yes … I played for Blakeney High School.

Willie Davis Jr.



The citizens of Waynesboro need a mayor with experience in solving our civic responsibilities.

We should choose a leader who can focus on our priorities – finding safe, clean, good paying, permanent jobs.

Vote for a working, family man who wants to help working families. It is time for a strong, caring, focused leader.

It is time for Herman Brown.

Willie E. Latimore


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