2016-07-13 / For The Record


Burglaries, break-ins and auto thefts kept the Burke County Sheriff's Department busy the last couple of weeks.

On July 1, a woman living on Claxton-Lively Road reported that her 2006 Dodge Charger had disappeared from her driveway while her family was on vacation. She told deputies she had lost her car key at Walmart a few days earlier and had been using a spare. She said she didn't think it had been repossessed because she wasn't behind on her payments.

A home on west Four Points Road was burglarized on July 2 when someone pried open the rear door. The owner reported that a watch, clothing, shoes and cash were missing.

The back door of another home, this time on Scott's Store Road, was pried open on July 4. This time the owner reported a bag of change and a 9mm handgun were missing.

Perpetrators of a July 5 break-in on Roberts Road were apparently more interested in ransacking than stealing. The homeowner said she arrived home from Virginia to find her back door had been kicked in. Clothes had been scattered throughout the house and thrown in a playpen, but nothing appeared to be missing.

A man living in Briar Creek Estates said he lost four guns, an iPad, and a diamond ring when his home was burglarized on July 8. Again someone had forced open the back door.

A Herndon Road resident reported that a golf cart had been taken from his mother's former residence sometime around July 4. The home had been destroyed by fire earlier in the year and the golf cart had been partially obscured from view.

Three girls who went to the beach together over the weekend saw their friendship deteriorate when one accused another of stealing her cell phone. Rather than work it out among themselves, the victim reported the theft to the sheriff's department. The other girl told deputies she didn't know the phone was in her bag and turned it over without incident.

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