2016-05-18 / News

Safety tips for National Electrical Safety Month

Cam Parker, Waynesboro Area Manager for the Georgia Power Company, reminded local residents that May is National Electrical Safety month across the country "It's a time to spotlight the importance of electricity in everyday life, as well as electrical safety in and around the house," Parker said. He added, "Georgia Power makes safety a core value for thousands of employees across the state who work safely every day to keep power flowing for customers."

He recommended using the following simple Electrical Safety Month tips:

· Consider the Cord – Don’t place appliance cords where they will come into contact with stoves or other heated surfaces, over countertops or areas where they could be pulled. Look for frayed appliance cords, inspect them regularly and never substitute an extension cord for permanent wiring.

· Ladders Matter – Exercise caution when using ladders around the house, painting, pruning or cleaning near a service drop as all ladders can conduct electricity.

· Watch for Wires – Keep balloons, kites, fishing lines, aluminum poles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) away from overhead lines every day and as line crews work in the field.

· Prep Poolside – Don’t use electrical appliances near pools and never route extension cords around pools.

· Focus on Fire Prevention – Avoid storing combustibles such as paint, cardboard, sawdust and flammable liquids near electrical equipment or fuse boxes.

Parker said that anyone seeking more electrical safety information, as well as a home appliance amp reference chart and information on circuits and wiring, could visit www.georgiapower.com/safety.

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