2016-04-20 / For The Record


Donkey Serenade

Neighbors of a Hephzibah woman are finding her four-footed friend to be a little obnoxious. In fact, the Burke County Deputy who answered the call heard the donkey braying himself.

The neighbors said the noise goes on all night and they can't sleep. Several neighbors joined in the complaint, but there is no record of any action being taken.

Can't trust anyone!

An Augusta woman's boyfriend did her wrong when he borrowed her newly acquired car, drove it to Burke County and abandoned it.

When deputies pulled over the Ford Crown Vic, the driver got out of the car and ran into the woods. Documents in the car identified the owner, and she identified the boyfriend. He had no record of a valid driver's license, which might have explained his flight. But, officers know who he is and where he lives. The car was returned to its owner.

Close, but no luck

An observant neighbor came close to catching a thief. A Keysville man saw someone driving off with his neighbor's four-wheeler in a trailer. When the victim arrived home, his wife said someone named J.R. had picked up the trailer and the vehicle to "work on the motor over the weekend." The owner told deputies he didn't know anyone named J.R., but gave a good description of his stolen property.

The next day the owner called to say he had located the truck that had hauled his trailer away. Deputies went to the reported address and found a number of inoperable vehicles and encountered "a strong smell of burnt marijuana." But, with no trailer and no four wheeler on the property, no arrests were made in the case.

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