2015-08-05 / Editorial


Burke Banter Boy

I'll bet most of you out there have played 'what if?' with yourselves just as I have. What if I was born a girl instead of a boy? What if I was born in Russia instead of the good old U. S. A.? What if I was born in Yankee Land instead of the blessed South? Imagine what any of these changes would mean in the difference in ones life. Any one of the above changes would mean we would have been born a different person. I wouldn't be me; you wouldn't be you! But I guess we would be somebody. If any one of my four great grand fathers had been killed in the War Between the States, before he took a wife of course, I just wouldn't be.

When one thinks about it, just any minor change in ones life would change ones whole future life. If I had married a different girl I would not have the children I have now. I may have one or none or a dozen, but they would be entirely different from the four, sweet, loving children I have today. On the other hand, some minor events that happened in the life of one of my forebearers is probably the reasons for the way my life is today. Certain events that happened in my wife's or my life or the lives of some of our ancestors is what makes us what we are today.

What if I had gone into the Armed Forces at seventeen instead of eighteen? Surely my life would have been changed drastically. I may have even died during the war, and thus the lives of many people would have been changed. My four children, eleven grandchildren and five great grandchildren would not even have existed. What a terrible tragedy that would have been. If my wife would have married someone else, her whole life would have been different. And any numbers of peoples' lives would have been changed. My Mother, my Father, my Sister and folks I never heard of would have a live entirely different from the one they are living now.

What if I had married another woman or not married at all. How different my life would have been. It is hard for me to even conceive of a life without a wife. And especially the dear and loving wife I have been privileged to have for sixty seven wonderful years. I could not have planned a better, more satisfying life, than I have had. Thank God for good years and the precious memories. I am sure most of my readers can say the same. If not, I pray that the rest of your days will be full of joy and happiness.

Another what if comes mind. What if I had not written this piece. You folks would not have to read it, which would leave you more time to read something worthwhile. But then you could say to yourselves 'What If' I don't read this mess. I feel sure that that decision will not change your life one iota. So play' What If'. It is just a game anyway. If your life is changed "What If'.

Many years ago when I had just turned twelve, I joined the Sardis Baptist Church. For many years after that, I was a pew sitter on a pretty regular basis, but I wasn't truly a follower of Jesus Christ. What I am getting at is that if I had not changed my life in those later years I would not have salvation. That would have been the ultimate mistake of my life. Of all the actions we take as we go through our life, learning about Jesus is the most important. All the other changes we encounter during our trip through this planet count for much less. If you don't know Jesus Christ, find out about Him very soon.

Remember you have been playing 'What If' all the days of your life. Many changes have already occured in your life. A few more 'What Ifs' will not matter. If you read this piece or not, I will still be my same old ugly self 'What If' or not.

F. Leslie Jenkins, Jr, is Burke Banter Boy. Email him at sardis- 89boy@yahoo.com.

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