2015-07-29 / Front Page

Jenkins Co. Jail escapee captured in Walmart

By Elizabeth Billips

Ebony Gomez Ebony Gomez A female inmate escaped from the Jenkins County Jail and was captured inside the Waynesboro Walmart.

Ebony Elaine Gomez, 23, slipped past a jailer in Millen Friday night as he was locking her in her cell.

According the Jenkins County Sheriff Robert Oglesby, Gomez is a Jacksonville, Fla. resident who was awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania where she is wanted for felony auto theft.

Just after the escape, the sheriff received a call from one of the inmate’s family members who was trying to find out if she had been released from jail.

The caller said Gomez had asked for money to be wired to the Waynesboro Walmart.

Not long after Sheriff Oglesby put store employees and Burke County deputies on the watch for her, Gomez was recognized at the service desk and apprehended.

Sheriff Oglesby said he later learned that Gomez had approached a man who was outside his Millen home a few blocks from the jail and asked for a ride to Waynesboro.

“He didn’t know who she was,” the sheriff said, noting that Gomez had just come out of the showers and was wearing sleeping attire instead of an orange jail jumpsuit. “He had no idea she had escaped.”

Gomez remains in the Jenkins County Jail on a single felony charge of escape with no bond.

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