2015-05-20 / For The Record


Fired officer drops appeal
By Elizabeth Billips

City council did not have to decide if a fired cop could have his job back.

Former Waynesboro policeman Randy Clewis cancelled his Monday night appeal hearing after defense lawyer Chad Medlin and city attorney Chris Dube reached “an agreement.”

According to Dube, Clewis’ termination was changed to a “voluntary resignation” which is retroactive to his original April 7 termination.

“Everybody goes their own separate ways … that was the deal,” Dube said. “No back pay, no money, no nothing.”

Clewis had been fired for allegedly pretending to be sick and missing work and part of a court session in order to attend a field training course which he did not qualify to take.

According to city officials, the course had three requirements: a clean record, the police chief’s permission and three years experience, including two at the officer’s current agency.

City Administrator Jerry Coalson said Officer Clewis did not meet any one of the three requirements and was explicitly denied permission to register on three occasions.

In his termination letter, Chief Augustus Palmer III said Clewis’ decision to call in sick created a safety hazard by leaving the agency short on patrolmen during the 12-hour shift.

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