2014-12-17 / For The Record

From the Blotter


It wasn’t Santa Claus. A Burke County grandmother called deputies last week after receiving a string of harassing phone calls from a South Carolina high school student. The calls, which were sexual in nature, included threats that he would “come down the chimney” if the victim refused to let him in. The woman told officers she intended to press charges.


Burglars took advantage of a Girard woman while she was attending her mother’s funeral. According to the report filed at the sheriff’s office, the thief made off with a doll the victim had kept since childhood, as well as a small safe which included checkbooks, deeds and personal information. The guns, jewelry and money jars were undisturbed. The case remains under investigation.


A Burke County woman was startled from her sleep Sunday night by a loud bang and the sensation that her mobile home had been jolted. She walked outside to discover a motorist had apparently crashed into the front of her Highway 56 trailer and then fled. Deputies collected several tail light fragments that appeared to be from a Chevy Impala.

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