2013-04-10 / For The Record

Retired cop shoots at speeding motorist

By Elizabeth Billips

A retired officer fired a shot at a speeding motorist who allegedly pointed a gun at him.

Leonard McBride, 66, was cited for discharging a gun in the city limits Sunday afternoon after a confrontation in front of his Shadrack Street home near the hospital.

McBride told Waynesboro po- lice his young grandchildren were playing outside when a man in a Dodge Charger drove by at an extremely high rate of speed. When McBride yelled for him to slow down and that the street “(wasn’t) a racetrack,” the driver reportedly stopped his car, argued with McBride and then threatened to kill him.

A few minutes later, the driver returned and allegedly raced toward

McBride with the window down and what appeared to be a gun pointing at him.

McBride said that’s when he fired a single shot with his 38 revolver. The bullet did not hit the car or driver.

The driver went straight to the police department for help. He acknowledged the heated exchange but denied having a gun. A neighbor who witnessed the encounter, however, told police she saw what appeared to be a gun in his hand.

Officers requested the driver’s presence at a May 13 Municipal Court hearing.

McBride is a retired policeman who has worked security for Waynesboro businesses. Last May, he foiled a hold-up at A&W Onestop when he fired a shot at the unsuspecting robber who was holding the cashier at gunpoint.

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