2013-04-10 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Low down A Blythe man was burgled by a low down thief. According to a report filed at the sheriff ’s office, the victim’s Moxleyville Road trailer was ransacked and his handgun was stolen. The burglar apparently accessed the mobile home by crawling underneath it, pulling down the insulation and knocking a hole through the flooring.

Just saying A Martinez driver traded a traffic citation for a trip to jail when she refused to sign her ticket. According to the report, deputies pulled over Tracey McNair, 43, when they caught her driving 82 in a 65 mph zone. When deputies asked her to sign the citation, which acknowledged her court day but not her guilt, McNair refused and showed officers an article on her cell phone about the inaccuracy of radar guns. Deputies gave her the unsigned ticket and were going to let her leave … but that’s when McNair spun her tires and set herself up for yet another ticket. She refused to sign this citation, too, but this time deputies took her to jail. She told them she was getting a lawyer and they would be losing their jobs.

Mystery man What happened to a Waynesboro man was no mystery. He was scammed of $2,300 when he agreed via email to become a “mystery shopper.” The fake Ukraine company sent the victim a check for $2,800 with instructions to spend $50 at a local chain store and grade the shopping trip for cleanliness, customer service and other attributes. He was told to keep $300 for his “commission” and then wire the remaining $2,300 back to the company. The victim kept his end of the deal but got burned when the phony check bounced and he had to cover the overdraft.

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