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Bears beat Glenn Hills Spartans

By David Stembridge

Sophomore quarterback Donqual Young had 53 rushing yards for the Bears and scored 2 touchdowns. Sophomore quarterback Donqual Young had 53 rushing yards for the Bears and scored 2 touchdowns. The Burke County Bears (7- 1, 5-0) defeated sub-region foe Glenn Hills 68-20 Friday night in the Bear Den to tally their 22nd consecutive win over the Spartans.

It was senior night for the Bears as well, and senior athletes were recognized before the game.

The Bears had a total of 359 rushing yards compared to the Spartans' 2 yards and gained 187 passing yards on 12 throws. Burke’s defense had an impressive night as well, with 48 tackles and 3 sacks.

Glenn Hills (2-5, 1-2) started the game with quarterback Santo Nina throwing the ball on a number of plays, a scenario Bears Head Coach Eric Parker spent a great deal of time preparing for.

“For the most part we played really well across the offensive front and that’s always big to me,” he said. “We dominated when we had the ball. I don’t think we punted once. Glenn Hills has some athletic kids ... their quarterback stayed alive the entire time and made some impressive plays on us offering his athletic ability, but our kids kept pouring it on and that’s a sign of a good team.”

Junior quarterback Donquell Green jumped in early in the first, gaining significant passing yards for the Bears. Within 3 minutes of the game start, Green threw a 37-yard pass to junior wide receiver UnTorrey Thomas for the Bears first touchdown. The kick by Thomas was good for the PAT giving the Bears an early lead of 7-0.

The next push by Glenn Hills was suppressed by Burke, and sophomore quarterback Donqual Young had an early run of 17 yards, and then another 40 yards were rushed forward putting senior Keviuan Crumbley in position to score a touchdown for the Bears. Thomas kicked again to bring the score to 14-0.

With minutes left in the first quarter, Glenn Hills was forced to punt into the waiting hands of Green who ran it 66 yards to score another touchdown for the Bears. Thomas’ kick was good again to put the score at 21-0.

Another Glenn Hills punt to the Bears brought the line of scrimmage back to the Spartans’ 1 yard line, and put junior Reginald Grubbs in position for a touchdown. Thomas kicked for the point after to make it 28-0 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Spartans fought their way down the field to score their first touchdown on a completed pass by Nina and a 2-point conversion to get on the board 28-8.

The Bears rushed back immediately after kickoff with Green completing a 42-yard pass to senior Malik Lee for another touchdown. The kick for the PAT by Thomas was no good and it was 34-8.

Coach Parker has spent much of the team’s time working on passing plays, both offensive and defensive, and it shows.

“These skills are something we feel like we’re going to need down the road ... to keep people from just sitting on top of our passes. Of course, pass defense really has to work a little bit ... I thought in the second half we played a lot better against the pass.”

After a scoreless second quarter, the Bears came back after halftime with another long throw by Green to Young, who caught the 31-yard pass for a touchdown. Thomas’ kick was no good leaving the score 40-8.

On Glenn Hills next push, an interception and touchdown by Keviuan Crumbley stopped them in their tracks. Thomas kicked the point after to bring the score to 47-8.

Glenn Hills came back in the middle of the third to complete a 20-yard pass to score. The attempted 2-point conversion was squashed by the Bears leaving the score at 47-14.

Senior quarterback Antonio Harold entered the field and immediately rushed for 70 yards and then ran for another 20 to score for the Bears. Thomas’ kick for the PAT was good and the Bears led 54-14.

Coach Parker is finally seeing some depth on his offense.

“We distributed the wealth a little bit,” he said. “Antonio Harold played great once again and that’s just looming large because were able to put Donquell up early tonight...our production didn’t really go down so that’s a good sign.”

Junior Jermaine Baxley intercepted the ball on the Spartans’ next drive and rushed for another 38 yards. Harold ran for a touchdown and Thomas delivered another point to make the score 61-14.

Crumbley intercepted another pass by Nina gave the Bears possession, going into the fourth quarter on the running clock.

Freshman quarterback Keenan Parker began the fourth quarter, gaining 10 yards for the Bears. Young stepped in, scoring for the Bears on a 15-yard run. Parker kicked the ball for a PAT, giving the Bears their final score of 68- 14.

Glenn Hills kept their forward push but now Coach Parker had them playing against Burke’s younger kids.

“We got a chance to do a little something with the JVs; those are the guys who down the road may have to step in there and do something real small that turns into something real big,” he said. “Any time we get a chance to put them on the field and get a little game experience it’s a big deal.”

Burke lost possession of the ball on a fumble by Parker, which put the Spartans in position to score a final touchdown with 2 minutes on the clock. Their conversion attempt was no good giving a final score of 68- 20.

Quarterback Donquell Green thought the team played very well.

“We’ve had some ups and downs here and there, but we should overcome them practicing on our off week,” he said. “A lot of people made big plays and took advantage to make the plays and do things they usually don’t have the chance to do.”

Coach Parker is looking forward to a much needed break.

“I’m happy to be getting to this open week and getting a little rest and hopefully get some of our guys healthy again,” he said.

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