2012-10-24 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Bad form A hit-and-run driver should have cleaned up behind himself. A Hephzibah homeowner called the cops Friday after a motorist hit a ditch and plowed through her fence but didn’t bother to report the damage. Officers were still able to identify the driver, however. According to the report, a Georgia claim certification form apparently fell out of his vehicle during the ordeal. Deputies called the number on the letter and spoke to the suspect’s former girlfriend who confirmed he’d called her that morning from the wreck scene. Charges are pending.

Trail of fears Burke County deputies found a blood trail but couldn’t find a victim. Just before midnight last Wednesday they were dispatched to Rosier Road where a yellow van had flipped at least three times. Officers didn’t see a driver, but they did see a blood trail which they followed for nearly 200 yards before it stopped. They later got a call from a man who said his roommate had been driving the van but was nowhere to be found. Blood was on the missing man’s carpet, and in his kitchen and bedroom but there was no sign of him in his apartment or around his neighborhood. Deputies also checked area hospitals and EMA stations, but the man hadn’t been treated. When they finally caught up with him the next day, he said he’d fallen asleep on a neighbor’s porch after bandaging his hurt arm.

Cloudy with a chance of contamination Trouble cropped up for a Louisville couple as they drove through Burke County last Wednesday afternoon. They were traveling on Highway 24 West near Roberson Grove Church when their car was inadvertently covered with chemicals. According to the report filed at the sheriff’s office, the chemicals came from a crop dusting plane that was making a pass over a nearby field. The husband and wife reported they inhaled the chemicals, which had not been identified at the time of the report.

Fight night Traffic came to a stop on Clarks Place Road Sunday night after more than 75 people got into a street fight. According to a report filed at the sheriff’s office, most the offenders were juveniles but the group also included a number of parents who were “causing the situation to worsen.” After clearing the street, deputies spoke to teens who said the fight was the result of an argument earlier that day over a football game. Several juveniles were taken to the emergency room including a 12-year who said he was watching the fight when he was hit with a bottle. School officials were notified after students indicated the trouble might start back up at school this week.

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