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Tips still needed in fatal hit and run

By Elizabeth Billips lizbillips@yahoo.com

State troopers are no closer to solving a fatal hit and run.

They’d expected someone would come forward with information to help them determine who hit a pedestrian on Stoney Bluff Road and left him for dead.

But so far, nothing has panned out.

“It really concerns me that it’s gotten so far past and no one has come forward,” said Sgt. Ben Forehand of the Georgia State Patrol. “Somebody had to see something.”

He’s been searching for witnesses since the early morning of Sept. 24 when a Plant Vogtle commuter found the crushed body of Charles Anthony Carter, 42, on the centerline.

The victim, a black man wear- ing all-black clothes, had last been seen at a nearby club around 2 a.m.

Troopers believe he was walking home when a driver struck him and kept going.

Within days they investigated two reports they hoped would answer their questions – but neither was conclusive.

Recent rumors that officers arrested a driver caught hammering out a dent in his fender are not true, Sgt. Forehand said.

He did, however, interview a Stoney Bluff Road resident who awoke to a loud banging sound just before Carter’s body was found.

“(The resident) said it sounded like someone hitting or kicking metal,” Sgt. Forehand said, noting the house was less than two miles from the accident scene. “But he didn’t go outside and investigate … he never saw where it was coming from.”

During that same time period, troopers got another report from a driver who saw another motorist swerve around something in the middle of Stoney Bluff Road, and he was able to describe the vehicle “to a T.”

Troopers said the car was tracked back to a young driver who lives near the accident scene. While they believe he may have unknowingly run over the body, they do not think he was involved in the original accident.

“If somebody hit (Carter) while he was standing upright there’s going to be some significant damage … and we just didn’t see that on this car,” Sgt. Forehand said. “There was damage on the fender, but it was old damage … it didn’t match up.”

While the victim’s blood alcohol content was not available at press time, troopers have not ruled out the possibility that Carter may have already been lying in the road when he was hit.


Call the Sylvania GSP post at 912-564-2018 or the Burke County Sheriff’s Office at 706- 554-2133.

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