2011-10-05 / Editorial

Your help needed


An obituary of an Old Fella:

When he first arrived in the community he was shy, bone thin, very frail and needed lots of medical attention. After his healing he began to look for ways to serve his community. For the rest of his life he gave far more than he ever received. He inspired the first licensed animal rescue in Burke County. His workers were on call 24/7 bringing awareness to a nation the plight of unwanted animals in Burke County Georgia. He spearheaded the movement for spay/neuter and was responsible for bringing to justice those who abused and mistreated the ones too weak to fight for themselves. His death was from neglect from those who could have saved him. For those who fought so valiantly to keep him alive, they are to be commended for their tremendous and tireless efforts.

The loss to the community is immeasurable. Just think of the 2,000 animals that were saved and the others that were spayed or neutered. To say the least there would be an extra 4,000 animals roaming the streets and by ways of Burke County. There would be 2,000 less people whose lives were brightened by the addition of these loving companion animals that were placed in new homes. People across these United States would have never heard of Waynesboro, Georgia. Nor would there be a memorial statue in the city park in memory of a very Old Stray that has caught the attention of a nation that has visited 818,065 times the RV.net forum just to read his story.

It is a shame to have lost such an opportunity to become a county to be recognized for its compassion and great humanitarian work. I am sure some of you were outraged at the small dog pictured in The True Citizen the week of September 21. That picture is burned into my memory forever. Can you imagine the suffering and pain he endured from the sores covering his body, being literally eaten alive by ants while chained to a tree in a back yard? Yet he complained not. I am sure he wagged his tail with what joy he could muster at any attention he got. We call that unconditional love. You see God created a creature so full of love that no matter how much pain, no matter how much neglect they endure, they still find the capacity to love their tormentors. How can a people neglect so great a love?

Now here is the hope that comes in this message. It’s not too late to save the Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue. Rally around this group of people who so desperately need help and support from the community they are trying to serve. Raise your voices to the county commissioners until you are heard and something is done to help the companion animals of Burke County. Help breath new life into an organization that is in need of your help.

Richard Daniels

Piedmont, S.C.

[Editor’s note: Mr. Daniels was the founder and first president of the Old Fella group. The non-profit organization was named in honor of his rescued and adopted stray which spurred its creation.]

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