2011-10-05 / Editorial

‘No’ to zoning


Citizens and Property owners of Burke County, take a moment and try to think of one benefit that you will derive from the push by the county commission to pass a zoning law.

We citizens of Burke County need to wake up and stop them. Burke county is a large agriculture based county where the property owners are still free to manage and use their property as they see fit. Zoning restricts that right.

The only people that benefit from zoning law are the politicians and the bureaucrats that fill the positions required to manage your property and make decisions on how you can use your property. You pay the taxes, the upkeep and mortgage, they don’t, so why do you want them to be paid with your tax dollars to decide how you can use your property.

To see how adverse zoning can be just look at Richmond county, along Peach Orchard Rd., where houses are vacant and in disrepair because they have been zoned to commercial use and can not be occupied as homes and are not suited for business.

The commissioners and their bureaucratic inspectors are not paying the taxes or making up the lost rental income for the owners on these properties. No sir, but they are keeping the owners from using their choice on how to use their property. This is where zoning laws lead to when we allow them to be enacted.

Our elected officials even spend our tax dollars to have a study conducted by some out of town (or state) firm to recommend how to zone OUR Property. Please tell your commissioner that you don’t want zoning.

We, as free citizens, need to limit and or reduce the size and power on government not add to their power. Too many politicians and bureaucrats have forgotten that they are public servants and are there to serve the people. Today most are totally self serving and only interested in filling their own pockets.

Ralph Lynn


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