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Prom Night in Mississippi

Westminster to host cultural film night
By Elizabeth Billips lizbillips@yahoo.com

Westminster Presbyterian Church will continue its cultural/ educational series this Sunday, July 31 with a showing of Prom Night in Mississippi and a related discussion panel about integrated proms.

The event will be held 4- 6:30 p.m. at the Liberty Christian Fellowhip building at 4778 Quaker Road in Keysville.

“We believe that as we share social and cultural experiences we come to know each other better and grow in Christian love,” said organizer Mike Searles, a history professor at Augusta State University.

The film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman, won numerous documentary awards for its telling of the story of the 1970 integration of a white high school in Charleston, Miss. and the school board’s 27-year refusal to integrate the senior prom.

Freeman, himself, offered to foot the entire bill if the school system would integrate the prom but he was rebuffed until making a second offer which was finally accepted in 2008.

“ The documentary highlights racial fears and apprehensions but also the community’s ability to come together with a greater degree of understanding and tolerance,” Searles explained.

Organizers are seeking members of the Burke County community who attended allwhite or all-black proms and would be willing to relay their experiences and answer questions during a panel-style discussion prior to the movie.

For more information, contact Searles at 706-737-1709, 706- 554-4749 or msearles@aug.edu.

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