2010-12-22 / For The Record

From the Blotter

In the dumps

Burke County deputies are dealing with more discarded bodies.

Last week, they were called to Ben Bargeron Road in Sardis where a dead calf was left on the roadside. According to the report, the Black Angus was wrapped in a blanket and had apparently been eviscerated by scavengers. Anyone with information is asked to call 706-554-2123.

White Christmas

A Burke County family isn’t too happy about their white Christmas. According to a report filed at the sheriff’s office, their yard on Highway 56 North was covered with cotton. The debris, the report said, blew out of un-tarped trailers en route to the gin. The residents reported clean-up of the loose cotton had already cost them $50. In Waynesboro, city council members have been getting similar complaints. At Monday night’s meeting, several officials said they’d paid visits to homes after residents told them about problems with debris from Mundy Gin. “It looked like it had snowed,” council member Portia Washington said. City Administrator Jerry Coalson said he would pen a letter to the company, requesting a clean-up.

A big stink

A Waynesboro resident who was getting lunch off the government’s dime may have to pay for a broken window.

According to a report filed at the police department, problems with a sewer line prompted the City of Waynesboro to put John Habersham Jr., 26, and his parents in a hotel overnight and give them an allowance for meals. Habersham placed their orders at a nearby barbeque restaurant but, according to the report, became irate when one of the owners laughed about the size of his order and said “(they) must be hungry people.” After a very angry Habersham left, customers thought they heard a gunshot. Turns out, it was a rock that went through the window. Habersham was cited for criminal damage to property.

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