2010-04-21 / School News

County schools to start back later

By Anne Marie Kyzer

After several years of heading back to class in early August, Burke County students will get a couple more weeks of summer.

The Burke County Board of Education adopted the official calendar for the 2010-2011 school term last week, which sets the first day of school for Aug. 17. Students headed back to class in 2009 on Aug. 5. Board members selected the calendar proposal that proved most popular among students, parents and school employees.

For the past few years, the school system has allowed those groups to weigh in by voting on their favorite of three different versions. The calendar options differ mostly in the first and last days of school and the timing of a few holidays. Most years, the option with the earliest start date has won overwhelming support from the school community.

This year, the calendar with the latest start date got the most votes. Aside from starting school a week later, the approved calendar was different from the others in that it gives students and employees an entire week off for Thanksgiving.

To view the entire calendar, visit the Burke County Public Schools website, www.burke.k12.ga.us, and select “school calendar” from the list of topics.

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