2010-04-21 / News

Commissioners agree on fee increases

By Tres Bragg

Local businesses will see an increase in beer and wine license fees in 2011.

Last week, the Burke County Board of Commissioners approved the final reading to increase the fees from $200 to $300. The board passed the first reading at last month’s meeting after realizing Burke County’s fees were significantly lower than surrounding counties’. Al- though commissioners originally discussed increasing fees to $400, they decided on $300 after county commissioner Allen DeLaigle voiced his concern.

Commissioners also approved the first reading of an ordinance to increase permit and variance fees. The ordinance is an amendment to the Code of Ordinances recommended by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission pointed out that Burke County’s fees haven’t increased since 1994 and that they are much lower than other counties. The Planning Commission also said the fee for variance does not nearly cover the expenses associated with posting and mailing notices.

Although the fees will bring Burke County closer in line with surrounding counties, they will still be lower than the amount recommended by the Standard Building Code.

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