2010-04-21 / News

Commission hears road paving concerns

By Tres Bragg

A Keysville resident confronted Burke County Commission over paving a portion of Keysville-Boggs Academy Road.

At last week’s meeting, Oliver Russell and Keysville Mayor Maggie Cartwright asked county commissioners the status of their request from last year to assist them in paving the road. However, according to commissioners that specific road was never brought to their attention.

“I don’t recall that road being discussed,” county administrator Merv Waldrop said. Jesse Burke, head of the road department, agreed with Waldrop. “This is the first time I’ve heard about it,” Burke added.

Russell wasn’t pleased with their response. “Keysville is the fastest growing part of the county,” he said. “If you don’t believe me then come there and see. But we’re like the New Orleans of Burke County. I know we’ve seen some improvements, like the fire station we have now, but we need more in our town.”

County Commission Chairman Wayne Crockett responded. “This puts us in an awkward position because we don’t have the money to pave any more roads and we’re caught blindsided by this particular road.”

County Commissioner Allen DeLaigle ensured Russell that when the county can afford to pave more roads, Keysville- Boggs Academy Road will be on the list. “I’ll be dead and gone before that happens,” Russell responded. Russell also requested that commissioners help bring a school to Keysville. “And another thing, we need a school there. Sardis has one and we need one too.” Crockett explained to Russell that the commissioners have no power when it comes to building new schools.

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