2010-04-21 / Editorial


By Bonnie K. Taylor
General Manager The True Citizen

An extra special birthday greeting is extended to Vic Daniel, owner of Daniel’s Cleaners. Vic will turn an amazing 100 years old this Sunday.

I believe she has given up golf, but still goes into her business often, with the help of her daughter and son, Nancy and Joe. I don't think she goes in at 5 a.m. like she used to. Vic was raised on a farm and she grew up working hard that is all she has ever known ... maybe hard work is the secret to living to be 100 years old.

Vic you are a testimony to all of us. Happy 100th birthday!

******* I was shocked as many others in our beloved community when learning of Dr. William Pellerin’s death.

Dr. Pellerin has worked as a dentist in Waynesboro since 1976. He was my dentist and I will miss him greatly. I will miss seeing him cross over Sixth Street between Planters EMC and Mobley’s Cafeteria on his daily trek to the Waynesboro Post Office.

I made a big boo-boo on Dr. Pellerin’s advertising when he first came to town. He advertised a new service, “sedation” technique. In his advertisement I misrepresented his service as “seduction” technique. Our proof reader did not catch the misprint. Boy, was Dr. Pellerin upset!

Many years later, Dr. Pellerin and I continued to laugh about the misprint. It wasn’t funny to him at first ... he was trying to build a new business, but, he too, could take a joke.

We both agreed, it should have been sent to Reader’s Digest. It would have probably made the top of the list of bloopers.

It’s a little late to say it now, but thanks, Bill, for your investment in our community and being a good sport about the misprint!

****** Don’t forget about the Earth Day activities in Downtown Waynesboro Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

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