2010-04-21 / Editorial

Old Fella – What we are not!

Submitted by Bruce Storm

We are not the animal control agency for Burke County.

We are not the party responsible for solving the animal problems in Burke County.

We do not investigate animal cruelty cases as that is the responsibility of our local law enforcement agencies.

Georgia Law O.C.G.A. 4-11-9.2 specifically prohibits a licensed rescue from picking up or accepting stray or abandoned animals.

By law we may only accept animals surrendered by their owner, by transfer from another shelter or from a law enforcement entity.

Should an individual pick up a stray animal or find an abandoned animal they could establish ownership after having the animal checked for a microchip if age appropriate, report to law enforcement as it may have been stolen, place a found ad in the local newspaper and provide for its health care and daily maintenance needs.

What we are ...

We are a very small group of over worked and under funded volunteers that work to rescue as many dogs and cats as our limited resources allow, and to promote spay/neuter programs. Our Humane Education group presents animal care classes. More than 1,119 children have attended one of our Humane Education classes.

To date we have rescued 785 animals using these lawful practices.

We have adopted or transferred to other shelters 751 companion animals.

We have provided 605 rabies vaccinations.

We have provided 533 spays or neuters.

We need volunteers to Foster our cats and dogs. If you are willing to Foster please call our toll free number 1-888-846-3792 or see our web site at www.oldfella.org.

“We may not make a difference for all animals, but we WILL make ALL the difference for some.”

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