2009-06-03 / Editorial

A program worth saving

It will be a shame if some combination of funding and volunteer help doesn't result in the continued operation of Communities in School's Teen Scene on Davis Road.

Federal funding for abstinence-based sex education has been cut and programs like this will pay the price. That is, unless local agencies, governments and volunteers come forward to fill the void.

At least 60 local teens have been receiving guidance on everything from school work, avoiding gang activity and, of course, sex education. By all accounts the results have been positive and leaders like State Rep. Gloria Frazier are working to see the program continue in some form. But, even she agrees that support must come from the local level. The state budget has been stretched to the limit and the poor international economy has depleted many potential sources of funds.

We don't have the answers, but we are confident that this community has the talent and resources to come up with them. If you can help, contact the CIS office at 229 E. Sixth Street or call Deandre Davis at 706-554- 7213.

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