2009-06-03 / For The Record

Burglars hit 15 more homes

By Anne Marie Kyzer annemariek@thetruecitizen.com

The rash of burglaries in Burke County continues.

More than a dozen home and business owners reported burglaries in Waynesboro and across the county last week.

During a burglary on Moxleyville Road near Blythe last Monday night, one thief even leveled a gun at a witness before the 14-year-old boy was able to escape into a nearby wooded area, according to a report at the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

The burglar and his two accomplices had also verbally threatened the boy and two other young witnesses who watched from a distance as they hauled off televisions, laptop computers, guns and a safe.

When the homeowner arrived, she confirmed that the items had been taken along with prescription drugs, fishing rods, a sewing machine, digital satellite boxes and several firearms. She said the contents of the safe were valued at more than $50,000 and included jewelry, silver certificates, collectibles and more.

According to witnesses, the men left in a silver Jeep Cherokee.

Other reports filed at the BCSO and the Waynesboro Police Department through the week stated burglars had kicked in doors, removed air conditioning units and climbed through ventilation fans in the ceiling to steal televisions, computers, firearms, cameras, cash, jewelry and other valuables.

One Hopson Mill Road resident told deputies a nearly new Polaris four-wheeler had been stolen from the front yard after thieves cut the chain securing it.

Four businesses, three in Waynesboro and one in Girard, reported break-ins along with missing merchandise, a stolen firearm, empty cash drawers and vandalism.

Last week's burglaries spanned the county. Reports included homes on Seventh Street, 11th Street, Pecan Grove Drive, Williams Street and Salem Circle in Waynesboro and on Hadden Pond Road just north of town. A home on Joyner-Oglesby Road was hit in the southeastern portion of the county, and a home on Peacock Road south of Waynesboro was burglarized. Thieves also broke into a home on River Road in eastern Burke and a Highway 305 South residence on the other side of the county.

Cars parked in driveways weren't spared either. According to reports filed with the WPD and BCSO over the last week, seven vehicles in Waynesboro were damaged or broken into on Fourth Street, Pine Street, Jones Avenue, Shadrack Street and Walker Street. Two other automobiles on Greiner Circle and Keys Lane in northern Burke County were also hit, and thieves took handguns from each.

The recent reports of burglaries bring the total number of homes and businesses hit in Burke County since mid-December to more than 165.

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