2008-01-23 / Editorial

An Excellent Choice

It was evident early on that District Attorney Danny Craig was the frontrunner to be appointed Judge of Superior Court, replacing the retiring Judge Neal Dickert. Though our own former mayor Jesse Stone was nominated, it appeared from the beginning that Craig had an edge over the competition.

We, at The True Citizen, have mixed feelings about the appointment. Danny Craig has been an outstanding district attorney for the past fifteen years, and we hate to lose him from that office. He has been the most accessible, thorough, honest and cooperative prosecuting attorney any news medium could hope for. He completely understands the concept of open records and the people's right to know.

From the public's perspective, he has been a dedicated servant, putting in many hours over and above what was expected or required. He spoke to juries with an air of calm authority and thorough preparation. The major cases he personally handled should be textbook material for young prosecutors.

Though he handled some of the toughest cases that came through his office, particularly death penalty cases and white collar crime, he never lost touch with his humanity. A dedicated husband and father, he never hesitated to give his time to civic groups and young people. Just last month he spoke at DARE graduation ceremonies at Edmund Burke Academy.

We have no doubt that Danny Craig's commitment to justice and the judicial system will carry over into his new responsibilities on the bench. Though we will miss him in the DA's office, we look forward to his service as a Judge of Superior Court.

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