2007-09-26 / News

Wreck victim asks for help finding "LoveDog"

By Elizabeth Billips Associate Editor

A wreck victim is asking for the public's help finding her pet, LoveDog, who wandered away from the accident scene on Highway 80 West near Story Mill Road.

Angela Parker, who lives in Decatur, was on her way to visit family in Millen Monday afternoon when she and two other drivers were hit from behind by a trucker who didn't realize traffic had stopped for roadwork.

"My truck flipped over, and both of my dogs climbed out the passenger side window which had been broken," she said.

While Parker was being loaded onto a stretcher, her poodle was found by rescue workers and was tied to the bumper of another wrecked vehicle until it could be taken to an animal hospital. But LoveDog, her adopted rescue dog, couldn't be found.

While Parker believes he is alive, she worries that he may have been injured when the truck overturned.

"He's very timid, so he might not come when someone calls him," she said, noting that he was adopted from a shelter just seven months ago.

LoveDog is a tan and white mixed breed resembling a Jack Russell, but slightly larger.

He's wearing a black harness and brown and turquoise collar with tags.

Parker says she'll remain with family members in Millen for the next few days in hopes that someone will see him. Anyone who may have spotted LoveDog is asked to call Parker at 404-664-5595 or her aunt, Lois Parker, at 478-982- 3398.

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