2007-09-26 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Tree falling

A Waynesboro man was injured when a pecan tree fell on top of him.

According to a report filed at the Waynesboro Police Department, a neighbor called for help last Tuesday after finding the 62- year-old trapped beneath a large limb.

When police arrived, the victim had been freed with only minor injuries to show for the ordeal.

The fallen tree also damaged the victim's house and vehicle, as well as a neighbor's fence.

Keyed up

A Waynesboro car dealer can count the damage by the dozen.

Employees at Link Chevrolet went to work last Saturday to find that 12 vehicles had been scratched.

The vehicles, which ranged from Suburbans to Civics, were scratched on the hoods, sides and trunks.

Steal and swap

Two Burke County residents are trying to figure out who stole and swapped their vehicles.

Friday afternoon, a Waynesboro woman called police after her green Saturn, which she left the ignition key in, was stolen from the El Cheapo parking lot.

Not long after, Burke County deputies reported that a Dodge Neon was reported stolen from a Zerbee Lane residence … and that the green Saturn had been left in its place.

Three hours later, the Saturn was found parked in front of El Cheapo.

Neither vehicle was damaged, but the Neon owner noted that her gas tank to nearly emptied.


A Subway employee was assaulted last weekend when he tried to take out the trash.

The 17-year-old worker was walking outside the South Liberty Street restaurant when two guys jumped out of a truck with South Carolina tags and threatened to stab him.

One of the offenders allegedly started throwing punches at him while the other hit him from behind with a skateboard, a report filed at the Waynesboro Police Department said.

While the employee tried to fend them off, a woman got out of the truck and began punching him in the face.

Eventually, all of them ended up on the ground where the employee was bitten on the inside of his thigh by one of the offenders.

The victim told police the attack was related to an incident that took place several weeks ago.

Spin then snooze

A Keysville resident called deputies after a driver began spinning wheels in his front yard.

When the spinning stopped and residents approached the PT Cruiser, they found 55-year-old Thomas Buford Rickerson of Grovetown asleep behind the wheel.

Deputies woke up Rickerson and charged him with reckless driving.

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