2007-09-05 / Editorial

Letters to the Editor

Misses the Ogeechee

of his youth


Growing up in Midville, GA as a small boy I guess I was exposed to a lot of things that most people are not fortunate enough to experience.

Right down the street was the Ogeechee River, which played a large part in my youth. In the hot summers, we would fish and swim, and in the winter we'd hunt and explore the vast, beautiful swamp.

I learned so much from growing up in a place so rich in nature and free from the world. It was a place the world had forgotten, an extraordinary place where gators and deer ran free.

Over the past couple of years, a dark cloud has descended on this fabulous example of nature at her finest - a cloud called development.

Lands have been destroyed; hundred-year-old cypress trees that saw William T Sherman march through Burke County have been leveled. Just so that people could have houses on the Ogeechee River.

I have been deeply hurt over this tragedy. What can you do? The Department of Natural Resources does not seem to take it seriously. It's up to the people who have such a love for nature as I do to step in and save the swamplands of the Ogeechee for our future youth.

The stretch of the Ogeechee from Midville to Colemans Lake used to be nothing but nature. Now all you see is houses and docks. The wildlife has been forced to move from its natural habitat. Hunters are unable to hunt these swamps anymore.

The people who grew up here appreciate where they are from, and its dear to their hearts; they would never hurt the Ogeechee like this.

To the people who do not appreciate the meaning of the Ogeechee River, this letter will mean nothing. To those of us who understand, please, I urge you to contact local officials and senators, and try to stop this destruction.

I am not trying to offend anyone and hope that I do not. Everybody holds things close to their hearts. This is something that everyone should. It took thousands of years for nature to create such a place. We have destroyed it in two.

Sincerely, William Thorne

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