2007-09-05 / Front Page

Deputies find more evidence of dog fighting

By Elizabeth Billips Associate Editor

Burke County deputies may have another case of dog fighting on their hands.

An anonymous caller pointed them to a clearing off River Road Saturday where they found one chained pit bull and the decomposing body of another.

According to Sgt. Dedric Smith, the live pit bull had no obvious injuries. While he suspects dog fights occurred there, he said officers are not certain that was the cause of the other dog's death.

Officers noted several elements indicative of dog fighting, including three large areas that were marked with dog tracks and dig marks.

Sgt. Smith said while the dogs were in close proximity to a cluster of houses and trailers, officers have not yet determined who they belong to.

Just five weeks prior, deputies were called when the Old Fella animal rescue group saved two malnourished pit bulls that were abandoned in Alexander.

Rescuers believed that one of the dogs, whose teeth had been filed down to the roots, was being used as "bait" for other dogs being trained to fight.

The alleged owner, 40-yearold Darrell Kentell, is wanted for cruelty to animals.

Anyone with information about these or any dog fighting cases is asked to call investigators at 706-554-2133.

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