2007-09-05 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Butt and bolt

A Waynesboro man is on the lam after damaging a patrol car and attempting to head-butt an officer.

According to a report filed at the Waynesboro Police Department, an officer was trying to serve two warrants when 26-yearold Nicholas Gresham tried to get away.

During the struggle, Gresham allegedly tried to head butt the officer several times before finally breaking free and setting off on foot.

Several officers joined in the chase, during which Gresham jumped onto the hood of a patrol car and left a 12-inch scratch.

Gresham got away but now has two more warrants for his arrest - one for obstruction and the other for interference with government property.

Lost spirits

Deputies were dispatched to Highway 23 near Girard last Tuesday after receiving reports of a barefoot woman cursing at passing vehicles.

It didn't take long to find her.

Around 6:30 p.m., they spotted two women "staggering and slurring" in front of a nearby residence.

The homeowner told officers the pair had been drinking heavily and cursing in front of small children.

The women were told to go inside and sleep it off. That strategy seemed to be working - that is, until the homeowner asked officers to empty the liquor bottle in the front yard.

When the reporting officer started pouring, one of the offenders started cursing at him and her mother while the children looked on, the report said.

After a brief struggle, Patricia Nicole Muns, 24, was jailed for disorderly conduct.


A Waynesboro woman turned to deputies after her son's nose was broken on a school bus last Monday.

According to a report filed at the Burke County Sheriff's Office, the mother said her 16-year-old was attacked on the bus by two other Burke County High School students.

The bus driver immediately stopped the bus on Clarks Place Road where campus police and deputies took over.

According to the report, all three boys were suspended from the bus and from school - but because the video camera malfunctioned, no one was charged at the time.

The mother was advised on how to obtain warrants.

North pole

Police want to know who caused the Sunday night blackout in North Waynesboro.

Around 10 p.m. officers were dispatched to Herman Lodge Boulevard and 12th Street where an unknown motorist in an old maroon pick-up rammed into a utility pole and left the scene.

According to Georgia Power employees, the truck took out the guide line, broke a pole and caused collateral damage to two other poles.

Police said three lines were down and the power was out on the entire north side of town.

Love hurts

An Augusta man came to Waynesboro with loving on his mind, but ended up with an aching in his head.

According to a report filed at the Waynesboro Police Department, the man met a Waynesboro woman on a chat line and agreed to visit her here Monday for an afternoon rendezvous.

The couple were in an upstairs bedroom when another man, claiming to be the woman's boyfriend, rushed in and threatened to "shoot (the Augusta man) in the head."

The boyfriend allegedly hit him in the head with a pistol before stealing $50 from his pants pocket.

The Augusta man was ordered to leave and continued to get hit in the head as he tried to walk down the stairs in his underwear, the report said.

The woman and her sister retrieved the man's clothes for him, and he called police after dressing inside his car and driving to McDonald's.

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