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35 sex offenders registered in Burke County

By Elizabeth Billips True Citizen Associate Editor

Hugh Glynn Brabazon Hugh Glynn Brabazon Thirteen sex offenders have been added to Burke County's registry in the past year, including three men convicted of child molestation and another convicted of rape.

Of the 35 registered sex offenders living in Burke County, the most recently registered are Hugh Brabazon, Ryan Clements, Hiram Gadson, Oscar Magallan Garza, Zachary Gilmore, Adrian Hargrove, Michael James, Levon Johnson, Scott Johnson, Grady Lee Rhodes, Gerald Smith, Daniel Sorrow and Dwyne Twiggs.

Last spring, the photographs of 26 offenders were published in The True Citizen, but four have since been removed:

Robert McInnis Jr., 50, was taken off the list in September when he began serving a fiveyear sentence for his second child molestation conviction. Sim James Pope Jr., 52, also a convicted child molester, was sent back to prison for violating parole; Derwin Stone, 28, (sexual battery) and Wallace Lee Morris, 27, (statutory rape) were removed when they moved to Richmond and Emanuel counties, respectively.

Of the offenders currently living in Burke County, nine are convicted child molesters and two are convicted rapists.

Dennis Michael Cadle Dennis Michael Cadle Eight more offenders, most in their twenties, are convicted of statutory rape. Under Georgia law, this means they allegedly had consensual sex with someone under the age of 16.

As a whole, the offenders registered in Burke County range in age from 25 to 75, and all but two are male.

The registry does not include sex offenders who were paroled or finished their sentences before July 1, 1996 - nor does it list juvenile sex offenders who were not tried as adults.

A registry containing information on local sex offenders is available to the public both in hard copy and online.

The hard copy, which includes a current photograph of each offender, is kept at the front desk at the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office updates the registry at least twice a month, but employees say very few residents ever come in to look at it.

On the contrary, the online registry (www.ganet.org/gbi/ index.html), which is maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), has seen a steep rise in hits since it was put on the web in 1998.

Raymond L. Carter Raymond L. Carter According to GBI spokesperson John Bankhead, only 400,000 hits were recorded in 2004 while more than 1.5 million were recorded in 2005, due in part to several high profile murder/child molestation cases in Florida.

According to current Georgia law, all sex offenders will be removed from the registry after 10 years if they do not commit additional sex crimes and are not deemed "sexual predators" by the sentencing court.

According to the GBI, there are only 13 "predators" registered in Georgia, none of whom reside in Burke County.

Accordingly, seven local offenders, including two child molesters and a rapist, had been scheduled to come off the registry by 2010. Thanks to a new law, however, most of them will now remain on the registry for life.

The tougher sex predator law was signed by Gov. Sonny Perdue two weeks ago and will go into effect July 1.

It will require all sex offenders, except those who committed misdemeanor crimes, to register for life.

As long as they are on the registry, sex offenders are required to report to the sheriff's office annually. They must also report any change of address, employment or vehicle within 10 days. Effective in July, they will have only 72 hours to do so.

Michael Craig Chason Michael Craig Chason As of Tuesday, May 9, all but one of Burke County's offenders was accounted for.

According to probation officer Mike Walraven, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of sex offender Anthony Kelly.

Under the terms of his probation, Kelly was supposed to report to Walraven each month.

But Kelly hasn't been heard from since July, Walraven said, and is not living at the address he provided.

Of the 12,261 sex offenders registered in Georgia, the whereabouts of 513 are currently unknown.

The following list includes all sex offenders registered in Burke County. Anyone who believes an offender is not living at his/her listed address is asked to immediately call the sheriff's office at 706-554-2133. Callers may remain anonymous.

Hugh Glynn Brabazon, 37, 120 Harris St., Midville, statutory rape; convicted 04-032001; registered 03-14-2006;

Ryan Nicole Clements Ryan Nicole Clements Dennis Michael Cadle, 50, 2320 Farmers Bridge Road, Hephzibah; incest with a minor; convicted 08-01-1994; registered 07-02-1998;

Raymond L. Carter, 46, 2477 Seven Oaks Road, Waynesboro; sexual battery; convicted 01-28-2003, registered 01-29-2003;

Michael Craig Chason, 45, 187 Farmers Bridge Circle, Hephzibah; sexual battery; convicted 10-20-2004, registered 10-26-2004;

Ryan Nicole Clements, 25, 1466 Dixon Hindrix Road, Keysville; sexual battery; convicted 08-26-2004; registered 08-27-2004;

Tracy B. Fleming, 31, 631 Camp Circle, Sardis; statutory rape; convicted 12-21-93; registered 06-26-01;

Hiram A. Gadson, 32, 7454 River Road, Waynesboro; statutory rape; convicted 09-031999, registered 02-28-2006;

Oscar Magallan Garza, 49, 131 North Jones St., Midville; sexual assault; convicted 01-201999; registered 10-12-2005;

Tracy B. Fleming Tracy B. Fleming Zachary Kinbrell Gilmore, 25, 172 Lake Crystal Drive, Waynesboro; statutory rape; convicted 09-08-2005; registered 09-16-2005;

Adrian Hargrove, 29, 5087 River Road, Waynesboro; cruelty to children; convicted 1020-1999; registered 03-13-2006;

Ira Dozier Hozey Jr., 75, 415 Victory Drive, Waynesboro; child molestation; convicted 10-23-1995, registered 10-032003;

Frednand Hernando Hughes, 28, 1025 Quaker Road, Waynesboro; statutory rape; convicted 09-24-1996, registered 04-05-2000;

Randal Juan Ivey, 36, 2366 Highway 24 South, Waynesboro; child molesta

Hiram A. Gadson Hiram A. Gadson Oscar Magallan Garza Oscar Magallan Garza Zachary Kinbrell Gilmore Zachary Kinbrell Gilmore Adrian Hargrove Adrian Hargrove Ira Dozier Hozey Jr. Ira Dozier Hozey Jr. Frednand Hernando Hughes Frednand Hernando Hughes Randal Juan Ivey Randal Juan Ivey Michael Alexander James Michael Alexander James Levon Demetrius Johnson Levon Demetrius Johnson Scott Johnson Scott Johnson Blair Andrew Jordan Blair Andrew Jordan Anthony Lowade Kelly Anthony Lowade Kelly Vernon Lamont Lakes Vernon Lamont Lakes Stephen Floyd Landsman Stephen Floyd Landsman Seymour Jezotal Mack Seymour Jezotal Mack Robert Lee Mapp Jr. Robert Lee Mapp Jr. Gregory Darzell Parker Gregory Darzell Parker Leslie Rena Powell Leslie Rena Powell Grady Lee Rhodes Grady Lee Rhodes Grover Cleveland Royal Jr. Grover Cleveland Royal Jr. Gerald Wayne Smith Gerald Wayne Smith Daniel Sorrow Daniel Sorrow Thomas Alex Stephen Thomas Alex Stephen George Franklin Stewart George Franklin Stewart Dwyne Augustus Twiggs Dwyne Augustus Twiggs John Edward Walker John Edward Walker Lloyd Albert Weeks Jr. Lloyd Albert Weeks Jr. Tyrone Wilkerson Tyrone Wilkerson James S. Young James S. Young

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