2005-09-28 / Editorial


By Bonnie K. Taylor General Manager The True Citizen

This message is to all of you truckers who park in our parking lot and block our spaces. Most of you leave your trucks running unattended ... look out! Friday, D&L Trucking blocked nearly half of our parking spaces

before 8 a.m. Most of our employees come to work between 7:30 and 8 a.m. and could not park in spaces that are allotted to them.

Please remember, our parking is for our employees and our customers!


Congratulations to Miss Ali Bunn for being crowned Edmund Burke Academy’s Homecoming Queen 2005.


I was disappointed at the voter turnout for


Decisions on spending a lot of your money was made by a handful of people.

I believe the election cost a little more than $12 a vote.

Folks, if you don’t vote, in my book, you don’thave any right to complain!


I heard from Mrs. Ray (Betty) Mahaffey last Wednesday night. After she read Marshall Singletary’s column she was so excited that someone else showed their affection for “Velvet Elvis.”

Since Mrs. Mahaffey does not get out much any more, she did not know who Marshall was. I shared with her that he is pastor of First United Methodist Church and that he came here shortly before Ray Brown passed away this year.

I met Marshall at Ray and Marjorie’s home during visitation. I could tell from that first moment that he would fit in well in the ’Boro.

I told Betty to give him a call at the church, that he would love to hear from her that someone enjoyed reading his column.

Marshall, I want to tell you and Steve Rice, I should say out of respect, Rev. Marshall and Father Steve, many have expressed enjoying your column to me. Keep, up the good work, guys!


Frank and Sylvia Griffin have a new addition to their family.

I met Buddy Griffin, their newest family member, in The True Citizen parking lot. He was sitting in Sylvia’s lap in the back seat of their car.

He is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. He is a silverygray Weimaraner with icy-blue eyes.

He has found a great home and will be spoiled rotten!

I heard that Buddy has Sylvia speaking baby-puppy language! I believe she has been puppy smitten!


I want to wish a speedy recovery to David Belk, grandson of Betty Belk who was injured while playing during physical education at Burke County High School last week.

He and another student collided when reaching for a football and it broke his jaw on the right side.

He now has a titanium plate.

I jokingly laughed with his grandmother and said he will always set off a metal detector.

David, I am glad you are home and doing well!

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