2005-09-07 / Editorial

Looking Back

10 Years Ago: Sept. 7, 1995

Bettianne Childers Hart was appointed Judge of Superior Court by Governor Zell Miller. Hart was appointed to a newly created judgeship and would have to resign the Georgia House of Representatives before taking her new office.

Mrs. Mary Hargrove joined city councilman Martin Dolin as announced candidates for Mayor of Waynesboro.

25 Years Ago: Sept. 10, 1980

Burke County Commissioners agreed to participate in an effort to install a “911” emergency hotline for the county.

Waynesboro Police Chief Roy Broxton said that yard sales would no longer be allowed on commercial property in the city and that signs posted on utility poles and trees would be taken down.

50 Years Ago: Sept. 8, 1955 Leon H. Zalkow of Waynesboro completed his studies for Ph.D. in chemistry at Geogia Tech.

Waynesboro High School football coach A.T. “Pooley” Hubert was named to the “all-time great” University of Alabama football team. He was the team’s quarterback from 1923-25.

75 Years Ago: Sept. 5, 1930

G. Leslie McElmurray of Alexander fractured two ribs when he fell from a fig tree where he was eating figs.

Candidates in the Democratic Primary included, E.D. Rivers and Richard B. Russell Jr. for Governor; William J. Harris and John M. Slaton for U.S. Senator; J.J. Brown and Eugene Talmadge for Commissioner of Agriculture; and Preston B. Lewis for Solicitor of City Court of Waynesboro.

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