2005-08-10 / Editorial


By Bonnie K. Taylor
General Manager The True Citizen

By Bonnie K. Taylor
General Manager The True Citizen

I was saddened to learn about a slain soldier from Battery C, First Battalion 214th Field Artillery.

Sgt. David Jones, a member of the Waynesboro battery for five years was killed in Iraq last week. He is from Thomson and worked with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Jones volunteered for combat duty.

I took pictures of all the members of the 214th a little more than a year ago when they were mobilized and had the pleasure of spending a little time with each of the soldiers. I immediately recognized Sgt. Jones when I saw his photograph.

Many U.S. citizens do not agree with the war against Iraq. No one in their right mind wants to see their country at war, but whatever the circumstances, I believe we should always support our soldiers.

They are the reason we enjoy the freedoms we have grown accustomed to. They are our guardians and they deserve our honor and respect.

To David’s wife and two children and family and friends, I extend my deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one.

To our soldiers and especially members of the 214th, I share in your loss, too. Your job is one that I know someone has to do and I respect you for it, for it comes with many sacrifices and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice – your life.


I went to meet Deborah Bennett, editor of The Millen News, our sister publication, halfway to Millen last Wednesday morning. On the way back to Waynesboro I received a call on my cell phone from our sales person Kathy Vause.

She asked me if was I on my way to Millen and I responded I was on my way back to Waynesboro.

She said, "I was hoping I could catch you before you left. I need some business cards."

I said, "I am on my way back, I am sorry I cannot help you," and I hung up.

When I got back to the office, Susie Barefield asked me if I was able to help Kathy. I responded, " No." She said her husband, James, was on his way to Millen and he could not help her, either.

I sensed there was more to this story than business cards.

According to Susie, what Kathy had said to me on the cell phone was, "I locked my keys in the car."

I immediately got on the phone to Kathy who was stranded at The Feed Bin in Millen to see if I could help her. I explained that I misunderstood her message.

Some great guys in Millen came to her rescue and she was back to work.


Scottie Tenney, former Waynesboro resident, who now resides in Palm Harbor, Fla., sent a note with her subscription renewal that stated, she misses all of us.

Scottie, thanks for keeping up with all of us through The True Citizen, we miss you, too!

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