2005-08-10 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Parking pains

Waynesboro Police officers were called to examine three damaged cars at Burke Medical Center last Thursday night.

One vehicle had the words "You (posterior)" scratched into the hood. The owner said she had no idea who caused the damage.

Windows were broken in the two other cars, and a stereo, cell phone and some change were missing.

Criminal calling card

Police were called to a Waynesboro residence Sunday when a woman reported that her car had been broken into during the night.

The rear window had been smashed, and the CD player was stolen from the vehicle.

However, the thief left behind a small plastic bag containing five pieces of crack cocaine in the passenger seat of the car.

Stylish thief

Authorities responded to the scene of a burglary at the Citi Trends clothing shop on North Liberty Street Friday.

The intruders smashed the glass front door and emptied several clothing racks.

Liquid loan

A Waynesboro woman called police to a vacant rental property Saturday when she discovered a neighbor using her water.

After the neighbor’s own water service was cut off, she ran a garden hose from the vacant rental house to her own house. She filled jugs with the "borrowed" water and said she intended to tell the owner about the situation and pay her later.

The rental house owner decided to allow the woman to continue filling her water jugs as long as she unhooked the garden hose and paid the water bill when it arrived.

Early talker?

On Aug. 2, a Waynesboro woman reported that an unknown person opened up accounts with BellSouth and Comcast using her 1-year-old son’s social security number.

The account statements from the companies list the child’s father’s address.

The case is under investigation.

Peeping prowler

A Waynesboro woman called authorities when she experienced a return visit from a peeping prowler Aug. 1.

After she noticed a shadowy figure outside her bedroom window, she looked out and saw a person sitting on her porch. At first, she thought it was her son, but later saw someone looking in her bedroom window.

The woman told officers that the offender also unscrewed the light bulbs on her front and back porches.

The officers were not able to locate the prowler.

According to the woman, this was not the prowler’s first visit. He peeped in her window three days prior to the incident, as well.

Moving day disaster

While attempting to move from Hephzibah to Savannah, all of a man’s personal possessions were lost when his moving truck caught on fire in Waynesboro July 30.

According to the report, the temperature gauge on the U-Haul truck became elevated, so the man pulled it over on Highway 25 North where the truck began to burn.

The engine and cab area of the truck completely burned, and the contents of the back were damaged by fire and water.

Stomach pains

Sheriff’s deputies were called to Burke Medical Center when a stabbing victim showed up at the emergency room Saturday.

The victim, a Gough resident, reported that he had a minor disagreement with unknown subjects at a Swainsboro night club and the next thing he knew, he was bleeding from his stomach.

The Swainsboro Police Department said there were no reports of such an altercation at the nightclub, and the victim stated that he did not wish to file a report.

Man attacked

Officers interviewed a Shell Bluff Road resident who was allegedly attacked by 15-20 men with baseball bats and sticks Saturday night. The victim reported that the attackers punched him in his mouth and kicked his cousin in his side.

Officers are investigating the incident.

Hit and Run

Police cited a Waynesboro woman whose unlicensed daughter hit a boy in the roadway last week.

Vivian Ann Cooper, 41, was cited for allowing a minor to drive, and her 15-year-old daughter was charged with no driver’s license and hit and run.

The juvenile driver and the victim dispute each other’s accounts of the incident.

The victim claimed the driver hit him with the car and then stopped to fight him.

The driver alleged that the victim would not move from the roadway, and as she moved forward, the front fender of the car hit him.

Regardless, the driver could not provide a license, for which she was charged.

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