2005-07-27 / Editorial

Looking Back 10 Years Ago: July 27, 1995

Looking Back
10 Years Ago: July 27, 1995

Ricky White was fired as head football coach at Burke County High School after his arrest in Jefferson County on drug related charges. Rick Umpleby was named coach for the 1995 season.

25 Years Ago: July 30, 1980

Candidates in the upcoming general primary included: for sheriff, Roy Broxton, Wayne Cochran, Greg Coursey, Don Crawford, Nickie Hale, Chris Murray and James Striggles; for U.S. Senate, Dawson Mathis, Zell Miller, Herman Talmadge and Norman Underwood; for coroner, Larry Cochran, Craig W. Kennedy, R.E. (Bob) Scott Jr. and Bobby Williams.

50 Years Ago: July 28, 1955

Nationally acclaimed portrait artist Glascock Reynolds was in Waynesboro engaged in painting portraits of the late Major W.A. Wilkins, C.W. Skinner Sr. and C.W. Skinner Jr. as well as M.K. Tucker, president of the Bank of Waynesboro.

Preliminary plans were being forulated to build a "30 or 40-acre" lake in the McIntosh Swamp area in South Waynesboro.

75 Years Ago: July 25, 1930

Temperatures all over the country climbed to record highs, including Iowa, where livestock deaths were numerous.

Dr. H.A. Macaulay moved his office to the Walters Building formerly occupied by the Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Parlor.

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