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Inventor of The Lint Pic-Up, lint roller has
come a long way and is mainstay of business

Inventor of The Lint Pic-Up, lint roller has
come a long way and is mainstay of business

The Evercare Manufacturing Campus located in Waynesboro provides products for 1,500 active customers including Wal-mart, Target, Kmart and Walgreens.The Evercare Manufacturing Campus located in Waynesboro provides products for 1,500 active customers including Wal-mart, Target, Kmart and Walgreens.

The Evercare Company has a strong mission: to take care to the highest level of style and functionality, delighting customers with quality, service and innovation and enhancing market leadership position across all product categories.

And what’s as impressive as their promise to deliver the best is the way in which the company was born.

In 1956, Nick McKay Sr., a young electrical engineer, had a problem and needed a quick solution.  He and his wife, Helen, were chaperoning a college dance, and both had forgotten to take his evening attire to the dry-cleaner.  Needing to remove lint from the black fabric, he wrapped some masking tape around a paper core, rigged a wire handle from a clothes hanger and rolled the device along his jacket.  The next day, he and his wife became co-founders of a one-product company when they started Helmac Products Corporation in the basement of their home with their new invention:  The Lint Pic-Up.

"Fifty years later, the lint roller has come quite a long way," said Pat Bryant, vice president of marketing, "and it is the mainstay of our business." 

In early 2003, recognizing the success of its Evercare consumer brand, Helmac changed its name to The Evercare Company.  Today, The Evercare Company has grown into a multi-national consumer products company that has obtained a leadership position in the North American household goods industry.  In its original product category – lint brushes and adhesive lint rollers – Evercare holds an estimated 90 percent share in the U.S. market within the food, drug and mass distribution channels.

Evercare’s products can be found in over 60,000 retail establishments in the U.S. alone.  In addition to its original Lint Pic-Up, Evercare markets a variety of products designed to reinvent home and clothing brushes, household rubber gloves, woven and non-woven wipes for cleaning and polishing furniture and floors, cedar, textile and wood clothing storage products, ironing board pads and covers, laundry nets, shower curtains, bath mats and pet shedding products.  All products fall into one or more of our four business units:  Cleaning (mops & brooms), Closet (closet storage, laundry & ironing), Bath (shower curtains, bath mats and spa products) and Pet (pet hair management products).

Evercare’s 1,500 active customers are a diverse blend of blue-chip retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Costco, Walgreens, Kroger, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens n’ Things, Petco and Petsmart, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, and mom-and-pop retailers, distributors, veterinarians, clothing stores, hospitals and dry cleaners.  Evercare’s customers also include private labelers like Quickie and Men’s Wearhouse.

Bryant said some of our Evercare’s greatest accomplishments "have been related to our ability to grow both our core Evercare (lint products) business, while at the same time initiating new businesses with strong, nationally recognized licensed brand names."

Through the introduction of the Brawny Cleaning Tools line of products, Evercare has created a strong presence in the cleaning category, and through several products under the Woolite brand name, they have also made a strong presence in the laundry category. "These are just the first two executions of what we anticipate will be several successful forays into licensing in the coming months," Bryant said.

Evercare is recognized as a stimulating, rewarding place for its team to conduct business and design fashionably functional products.  The company embraces six core values – integrity, personal growth, team-member respect, camaraderie, disciplined aggressiveness and undisciplined creativity – that distinguish its approach to business.  An imaginative, creative but humbling corporate environment takes the form of a design center, inspired by the likes of Edison, Lombardi, Kennedy, Walton and Lincoln whose profound statements throughout the workplace leave an indelible impression on its team.

Evercare Corporate Offices are located in Alpharetta and employs 30 employees.  The manufacturing plant, located in Waynesboro employs 130, the majority of them Burke County residents.

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